5 Weight Loss Smoothies That you can Easily Make at Home

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Drinking some smoothies can be the easiest way to lose weight effectively. It is not only easy, but this is also the most delicious way because you only need to enjoy and drink smoothies regularly. In fact, there are so many ingredients that you can use to make smoothies. Let us find out 5 weight loss smoothies that you need to try at home.


Green Detox Smoothiegreen detox smoothie

It becomes the most popular recipe for a weight loss program. A green detox smoothie can be made with the combination of vegetable and fruits. It is not only able to lose weight, but it is also good for detoxification naturally. You can select some fruits and vegetable such as apples, leafy vegetables, and etc.

Apple and Carrot Smoothieapple carrot smoothie

It becomes the most delicious smoothie that you can make at home easily. Simply, you can take a few pieces of apples and carrots, and then you just chop them into a blender machine. Then, you can give some water before blending them. Finally, the healthy smoothie is ready to make you lose weight thanks to its nutrients contents.

Apple and Lemon Smoothieapple lemon smoothie

Another good choice for your delicious smoothie comes with the combination of apples and lemons. This natural and healthy drink can help you lose weight within a few weeks. The lemon extract in the juice will provide fresh taste and it is able to shrink the accumulating fat in your body. Of course, you need to drink this smoothie regularly to get the best result.

Spinach and Lemon SmoothieSpinach and Lemon Smoothie

The combination of spinach and lemon is also good for weight loss program. If you want to lose weight about 5 pounds in a few weeks, then you are recommended to drink this smoothie. This smoothie or juice is good when you consume it during the breakfast. It is not only able to lose weight, but it can also be a good detoxification.

Mango and Cherry Smoothiemango cherry smoothie

You can buy some cherries and mangos and then make a delicious smoothie to lose weight. Well, it is known that Cherry contains melatonin that is good for a diet program. Meanwhile, the mango is able to strengthen the immune system thanks to its contents of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and high in antioxidants. Simply, you can just blend some cherries and mangos with some waters, and then drink it on regular basis.

Finally, those are 5 weight loss smoothies that you can actually make easily at home. You can find the whole ingredients in the market. But, you also need to drink those smoothies regularly along with regular exercise to get the best result.

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