Weight Loss Workout 7 Minutes and the Food to Support Your Diet

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Tips weight loss workout 7 minutes and a variety of foods that can streamline the body.

Weight loss workout 7 minutes is a very interesting topic, especially for mothers who have more weight. But many people also have the opinion that fat is not anything important that is healthy. Though the statement was wrong. People who are overweight alias fat is not healthy because it can disrupt the body’s metabolism. For example, the problem with the knee of a fat person is how heavy the knee is to support such a weight, this can affect the strength of the joints, if from a small we are not accustomed to drinking milk, then this is very influential can cause osteoporosis or bone loss.

But there are also people who really take care of his weight. This can be seen from his lifestyle both in terms of diet and exercise regularly. In terms of food, we can ask the help of a nutritionist or family doctor to make diet from food. And this diet of everyone is different. Likewise, for sport many ways, we do to exercise regularly. Can be the gymnastics instructor directly or through the media technology. A lot of interest is about weight loss workout 7 minutes.

Tips for Weight Loss Workout 7 Minutes

But unfortunately, there are so many people who are lazy to do sports for the reason of a lot of work. Here I would like to share some tips:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wake up to do sit-ups 8 times
  • Each will go to bed lift both legs and start a movement like a bicycle pedal, done.
  • Make a jumping motion with your legs alternating forward
  • Lean back on the wall and then perform standing and squatting movements.
  • Perform enough push-ups about 15 times
  • Riding down seats will also help fade fat
  • A quick walk around the field will also fade fat.


Food to Support Weight Loss Workout 7 Minutes Program:

Balanced diet for weight loss

  • Brown rice

Brown rice does contain many nutrients, but it does not make the body fat, because in the red rice contained many fibers, compared with carbohydrates, in contrast to the content of white rice. Lots of vitamin content contained from brown rice, including vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and others

  • Replace rice breakfast with Wheat

Because the ingredients can withstand hunger longer, wheat can also be beneficial to nourish the heart, prevent diabetes, and fight breast cancer.

  • Cassava

We recommend cassava instead of breakfast. Cassava also contains fiber and prevent cancer.

  • Corn

Special maize is only processed with boiled, because if one process will actually make the body fat

  • Potatoes

The content in the potatoes absorb fat so if you eat potatoes are guaranteed to be full length and potatoes also reduce the cholesterol in the body.

  • Sweet potato

Sweet potato is also one of the alternative food

  • Breadfruit

Similarly, the other breadfruit can also be an alternative breakfast, in addition to launching poop, breadfruit can also beautify the skin.

Actually, in addition to some of the above foods, there are also fruits that can streamline the body. For example lemons, papaya, pear, apples. It could also be vegetables such as: broccoli, carrots, spinach, beans, and much more. The conclusion is whatever the food as long as the portion is not excessive then it will not be a problem. So a lot of our alternatives to be slimmer than weight loss workout 7 minutes. Hopefully, it can be useful for everyone especially for me personally

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